Hotel Amenities That Matter Most to Hotel Guests

by admin 24-Jun 2022

When guests stay in a hotel or motel, they not only look for a bed to sleep in but also want to feel luxurious and pampered. They even pay attention to every little thing provided in the hotel room. Hence hotel amenities play the most important role in enhancing the guest experience of the hotel.

By adding precise and high-quality amenities to your hotel rooms, you can boost the hotel guest experience.

In this post, we have revealed a list of hotel amenities that matter most to hotel guests.

1. Pillows and Bed Linens

There is nothing better than a good night's sleep when you are traveling for vacation or work. Hotels that provide comfortable and high-quality bed linens and pillows receive favorable reviews from guests.

2. Toiletries

Hotel guests expect to see complimentary toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, and lotion in their bathrooms. So select a toiletry collection that matches your hotel brand. You can also add makeup remover wipes, shower gel, and slippers as guests may forget to pack for themselves, and having them available will take their experience to the next level.

3. Soft Bath Towels

Large, thick, and fluffy towels can make your guests feel pampered. Moreover, multiple towels with different sizes for different uses can make them feel luxurious completely.

4. Charging Points

In today's digital world, people most prefer charging points near their beds. If you provide wall outlets by the side of the bed in your hotel rooms, you will be appreciated by the guests.

Some guests bring multiple devices on their trip. In that case, if you provide the iHome triple charging power plug with four USB charging ports then guests don’t have to pick between charging their phone or laptop.

5. Ironing Amenities

Guests' clothes wrinkle easily, so they'll be happy to have an ironing and ironing board in the hotel room. You can save their journey to the dry cleaners or laundromat.

6. Free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi has become an essential amenity like toiletry products, hoteliers cannot ignore this important aspect. Guests enjoy the free Wi-Fi service which is the main thing to enhance the guest experience of the hotel. Make sure with your Wi-Fi service is working smoothly.


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