5 Tips For Choosing The Best Towels For Your Hotel

by admin 21-Oct 2022

The first thing that catches your eye when you enter a hotel bathroom is the fluffy towels. Choosing the best bath towels for your hotel can have a positive impact on your customer's perception of your hotel's services. As a hotel manager, you have to make sure your guests feel comfortable in your hotel. Quality hotel towels can mean the difference between a pleasant customer experience and an uncomfortable stay. Choosing bath towels for hotels is not as easy as buying them for home use. When purchasing hotel towels, pay attention to the quality and thickness of the material. Here are some qualities a hotel owner should definitely consider before buying towels for your hotels and motels:

1. Towel Weight

One of the first considerations when buying bath towels is the weight of the towel. Towel weight is measured in grams per square meter. The heavier it is, the more luxurious it will feel to your guests. Consider purchasing GSM 500+ towels for ultimate comfort and absorbency. Lightweight doesn't create a premium quality feel. For upscale businesses such as hotels, spas, and resorts, thick towels are the way to go. With a soft plush feel, it adds a touch of luxury to the entire guest experience. 

2. Towel Fabric

Another important consideration when buying towels for hotels is the fabric. You should buy towels that are made of cotton and polyester. But there is not just one type of cotton, there are many different types. The texture and durability of cotton towels vary depending on the type of cotton. A good quality bath towel is softer to the touch than an inferior hand towel. Our towels are of the highest quality and the yarn is silky soft and pill-free.

3. Combed Cotton Loop

When buying cotton towels, look for towels labeled as 100% "combed" cotton. Cotton fibers naturally attract water and hold approximately 25 times their weight in liquid. Combed towels have longer threads to increase the strength of the towel and prevent the towels from overlapping. Check the sewing quality of the towel. Combed cotton towels with thick loops that are tightly packed are more absorbent. If you can see the bottom of the towel, it may be of inferior material. 

4. Durability

An important consideration for hotels when purchasing bath towels is durability. Double-layer towels are twice as durable as single-layer towels. Also, cotton towels are more durable than traditional towels. For this reason, most hotels and resorts use cotton and polyester towels as they are cost-effective. Cotton and polyester blends are more durable and absorbent. If you're looking for the highest quality, durable towels, choose Cotton and Polyester Towels.

5. Towel Edge

Towels may have dobby or cammed edges. The dobby border towel is an elegant striped towel with unique designs such as stripes and checks on the edges. On the other hand, ridged towels have a flat structure on the top and bottom. Dobby border towels are suitable for more upscale locations. The dobby border provides the best look and feels and contributes to the comfortable guest experience at your hotel.

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