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Bildex 5 Gal Bucket



BILDEX is a highly concentrated liquid alkalinity builder for commercial and institutional laundry applications. The product contains sodium based alkali additive for extraordinary grease and soil removal. Ideal for fatty and oily type soil removal, BILDEX contains the preferred ingredient known to commercial and industrial laundering for higher titrations and better saponification. BILDEX is fully biodegradable.






BILDEX contains the highest alkalinity factor for liquid builders essential for the removal of fats and vegetable oil stains. Product is useful for carbon type heavy stains as well as neck rings and other type body oils.







BILDEX is fed as received from easy to store/handle 2.5 gallon totes. Requires no dilution. Also available in 15 gallon containers.

Functions in high and low temperature and high spectrum water hardness environments.

Provides maximum alkalinite for fatty oil type stains.






BILDEX contains sodium hydroxide. Precautions should be taken while handling. Do not take internally. Upon contact with hands or eyes, flush with plenty of water for 15-20 minutes and get medical attention. If possible, neutralize with mild acid, i.e. vinegar.




Light Soil: 1 oz. per 50 lbs. at 130° – 160°F.


Medium Soil: 1 – 2 ozs. per 50 lbs. of wash at 130° – 160°F.


Heavy Soil: 3 – 4 ozs. per 50 lbs. of wash at 130° – 160°F and more as soil demands. (Note: 1 oz. per 100 lbs. = 1.5 drop titration average.)


Note: The above are approximate dosages subject to on-site water conditions, temperatures and nature of soil.

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