Coffee Condiment Holder – Black


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Coffee Condiment Holder – Black

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Coffee Condiment Holder – Black 3.25″ HEIGHT X 7″ WIDTH X 2.75″ DEPTH

Color Black
Case Packing 2dz/case
Unit Of Measure Dozen
Manufacturer Imported


Coffee Condiment Holder: Organize Your Coffee Station

Key Features:

    1. All-in-One Storage:
      • Our coffee condiment holder keeps everything you need for your morning brew in one convenient place.
      • Store sugar packets, creamer cups, stirrers, and even tea bags neatly.
    2. Space-Saving Design:
      • The compact footprint fits on countertops, office desks, or break room tables.
      • No more cluttered surfaces – just a tidy coffee station.
    3. Durable Material:
      • Crafted from sturdy plastic or metal, our condiment holder withstands daily use.
      • It won’t warp or break, even with frequent refills.
    4. Customizable Placement:
      • Place it next to your coffee maker, near the office water cooler, or on a kitchen island.
      • Wall-mounted versions are also available for vertical space utilization.
    5. Stay-Put Grippers:
      • Rubber grips on the bottom prevent slipping or sliding.
      • Your condiments stay put, even during busy mornings.

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