Fresh N’ Clean 40 Lbs.


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FRESH N’ CLEAN is a mild, highly economical, biodegradable, synthetic detergent for top loader applications. Product provides effective soil removing results at low temperatures with low alkalinity and sudsing characteristics.


FRESH N’ CLEAN is spray dried to prevent dusting, and light density; FRESH N’ CLEAN is excellent for high or low temperature washing.




Mild but effective in all temperatures.

Dissolves instantly.

Safe for all fabrics and colors.

Cleans up to 320 loads per 40 lb. bucket.




FRESH N’ CLEAN can be used at the following rates:


Light Soil Loads                 –          2 oz. per load

Heavy Soil                          –          3 – 4 oz. per load

or Extra Large Loads



FRESH N’ CLEAN is packaged in 40 lb. box.

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