Fresh-Scent 4×1 Gal


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FRESH-SCENT is a concentrated, ready-to-use, effective room freshener for use in meeting rooms, hotel/motel rooms, auditoriums, nursing homes, washrooms, locker rooms and whatever else a fresh scent is needed. Product leaves a pleasant odor which lasts for several hours. After odor dissipates, the chemicals continue to fight and eliminate the cause of the odors.


Use as received or dilute to requirements (can be cut up to 5:1). Spray into the air towards each corner in the room. Spray into curtains and musty upholstery. Product can be used with a fogger.

FRESH-SCENT is excellent for removing fire smoke odors.


For institutional or industrial use only. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use where food is exposed. Normal caution given to use of chemicals should be exercised.


FRESH-SCENT is packaged in 5 gallon pails and in 4 x 1 gallon case containers.

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