Glass And ALL Cleaner


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GLASS AND ALL is an effective non-ammoniated glass and mirror cleaner, and can also be used on painted surfaces, formica tables, stainless steel, tiled walls, fixtures and appliances.  It is economical, fast acting, and an excellent tub and tile cleaner.

GLASS AND ALL leaves glass surfaces dust-free and cleaner longer.  Leaves no streaks or dust-catching film.




GLASS AND ALL may be dispensed through spray bottles, spraying directly on surface to be cleaned.  Use a lint-free cotton cloth or paper towel to avoid streaking.




GLASS AND ALL should not be taken internally.  If ingested, contact a physician immediately.  Product is safe on hands and skin; however, rinse thoroughly if prolonged contact to skin occurs.  Eyes, if contacted, should be rinsed for not less than 15-20 minutes, and again a physician should be contacted if irritation persists.



4×1 gallon cases

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