Laundry sys – Oxi Lyte 5 Gal


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Laundry sys – Oxi Lyte 5 Gal


Laundry sys – Oxi Lyte 5 Gal By North East Hotel Supply

OXI-LYTE is a concentrated, hydrogen peroxide-based laundry bleach, safe on most fabric types and colors. (Note: Product should not be used on wools or silks without pre-discussion with your Pariser representative).


OXI-LYTE affects stain removal of oxidizable/bleachable stains; the product provides
concentrated sanitizing, brightening of colored and white garments, and significant destaining power when used as directed.


  • Available in multiple sizes (the 2.5-gallon container is the easiest to store and discard)
  • Product breaks down into harmless components, unlike chlorine bleach alternatives
  • Infinitely soluble
  • Safe on colors; leaves no harmful residuals in the processed textiles


Your Pariser representative will recommend the appropriate dosage. Typically, a 6–8 ounces per hundredweight (cwt) dosage will provide desired results.


Use extreme care in handling OXI-LYTE. Keep away from skin and eyes. If in contact, flush with plenty of water for 15 minutes and call a physician.

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