• Neutra Clean-RX 4x1 Gal
  • Neutra Clean-RX 4x1 Gal

Neutra Clean-RX 4x1 Gal

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NEUTRA CLEAN-RX is an EPA Registered, neutral all purpose disinfectant cleaner concentrate for the general purpose cleaning of floors, painted walls, ceramic tile, brick stoves, and hoods. 



NEUTRA CLEAN-RX is free-rinsing and contains no soap constituents.  Product leaves surfaces film-free and clean, yet will not irritate skin.  Neutral pH enables this product to be utilized on finished floors without causing a clouded surface.  See product label for particular use applications and dosage.



NEUTRA CLEAN-RX should be diluted for use, preferably through a Pariser-provided proportioning feed system. Dilution rates will vary depending on soil burden applications.




  • Heavily concentrated 

  • Non-toxic and non-caustic 

  • Free-rinsing 

  • Neutral pH; will not attack floor finishes 

  • Phosphate and chelant free 

  • Provides disinfection



 NEUTRA CLEAN-RX is packaged in 4 x 1 gallon cases

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