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Fabri-Soft is a multifunctional fabric softener and neutralizing agent for use on all types of fabrics.




NEUTRA SOFT is a surface active agent possessing properties which overcome harshness in fabric which may be characteristic of the fabric itself or the result of the laundering process.  Commonly used ingredients of fabric softeners are cationic compounds such as the imidazoline and quaternary ammonium products.  These cationic surfactants ionize in solution yielding positively charged ions.  Cellulosic fibers, such as cotton, have a negative electrical charge when wet and consequently, attract and hold the positively charged ions to their surface.  Additionally, fabric pH is lowered through use of NEUTRA SOFT preventing grey-down due to alkali carryover.




– Reduces excessive wrinkling.                                  – Helps prolong life of fabrics.


– Shortens extraction time.                                         – Reduces static.


– Reduces drying time, conserves energy                 – Helps avoid sticking washer doors.


– Makes shake-out and pressing easier                      – Reduces and helps to control lint.


– Makes pulling loads easier.                          – Articles ironed or pressed have smoother finishes.


– Imparts fluffiness to treated fabric                           – Improves “hand” and “luster” of treated textiles.




Apply NEUTRA SOFT as received to the final wash operation at the rate of 2 – 3 oz. per 50 lb. of wash in cold or split temperature water.

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