PRO-TEMP powdered laundry detergent 45 LBS


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PRO-TEMP powdered laundry detergent 45 LBS


PRO-TEMP powdered laundry detergent 45 LBS

PRO-TEMP is a one-shot, low temperature, powdered laundry detergent designed primarily for the commercial laundering of shirts. The product has a complex formula containing a blend of various oil loving surfactants and solvent components, an oxygen (perborate) bleach with low temperature catalyst, non-caustic alkaline builder, and water conditioners. No additional bleaching product is supplementally required.


PRO-TEMP is the product of choice for reduced hot water savings in the processing of white and colored shirts, turn out gear and other textiles. The lack of caustic permits safe processing of colors and delicate materials, and the oil removing and safe bleaching properties virtually eliminate double processing of garments.


Generally, dosages will range as:
Colored Shirts – 10-12 oz. per 50lb. load
White Shirts – 12-14 oz. per 50lb. load

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