• PX-70 Detergent Liquid
  • PX-70 Detergent Liquid

PX-70 Detergent Liquid

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PX-70 is a highly concentrated, multi purpose, synthetic liquid laundry detergent made from a carefully selected blend of anionic and nonionic biodegradable surfactants and fluorescent brighteners.  PX-70 additionally contains a chelant type additive enhancing its use in areas of high mineral concentration water.




PX-70 is a unique detergent developed for washing durable press, polyesters, polyester-cotton and other hard-to-clean fabrics.  It effectively removes greasy soils, without adversely affecting fabric crease-resistance qualities. Premium choice surfactant for use in high water hardness environments.



-           Excellent grease and soil suspending properties

-           Superior wetting action, high concentration

-           Safe to use on all types of fabrics

-           Liquid - instantly goes to work

-           Fast rinsing

-           Equally effective in high or moderate hardness water, low or high temperatures, and low or high alkalinity.



Light Soil Formulas             Use 1-2 ozs. per 100 lbs. of wash in the Break operation.


Medium Soil                          Use 3-4 ozs. per 100 lbs. of wash in the Break operation.


Heavy Soil and

Shirt Formulas                      Use 4-5 ozs. per 100 lbs. in Break operation.

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